A TRIBUTE TO THE NORTHEAST CORRIDOR. Brian at Transport Blog discovers the route of the Acela Express and notes, "Seriously, is there, anywhere else on earth, a line of potential rail destinations as impressive as that? The world contains many clusters of such places, but lines?" Thanks for the kind words about our Northeast. Read the comments to the post and discover the cultural and commercial goodies people have observed.

May I recommend another candidate? Some years ago, the BBC produced a series called "Great Railway Journeys of the World." One of the programs, called Changing Trains, begins in Zurich (it's easy enough to begin in Geneva) proceeding over several mountain ranges and calling at Munich, Vienna, and Budapest. Not exactly the Route of the Hiawathas, but some great stopping places along the way. And as I look at my European timetable, I see another possibility, probably requiring a change of trains: Copenhagen-Berlin-Dresden-Prague-Vienna-Budapest. There are enough composers, or mathematicians, or grandmasters alone to make that an all-star listing.

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