ENTRANCE OF THE GEEPS INTO VALHALLA. A treat in the mailbox when I got home: a special edition of Eisenbahn Journal on the history of the NOHAB diesels ("Rundnasen and Kartoffelkäfer") which turn up in several of the Scandinavian countries, all over the Low Countries, and in Hungary. The issue includes some drawings and specifications (imagine F unit noses and BL2 windows) and some pictures of similar power in Australia, including a unit for Australia's West Coast Railway (scroll down, there's also something reminiscent of the latter-day Boston and Maine) that is just BEGGING for the shield and wing treatment on each nose. (Well, why not? The Victoria's painting is a shameless borrowing from the Erie.) The real clincher, however, is a picture that I will have to scan and post, featuring a preserved G12 demonstrator in multiple with a Norwegian Di 3 (there is video of these motors, order it here; it's GM-lok i Norge.) And when Hell freezes over, those 567s will just keep a'comin!

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