WOULD THEY WEAR NICER SHOES TO A HOOK-UP? The national champion womens' lacrosse team, from Northwestern (logical, I suppose) has generated some negative buzz because a few of the players purchased new sundresses and such and accessorized with ... flip-flops.
Aly Josephs' mother had the same reaction after seeing her daughter in the front row of the photo - the fifth person away from the president - wearing brown suede flip-flops with a skirt, sleeveless top and matching beaded jewelry. "Don't even ask me about the flip-flops," her mother said when a reporter questioned her about the picture. "As somebody who is 52 years old, it mortified me. I don't go out of the house without pantyhose on."
The team members used the old "compare-with-the-worst" strategy.
The teammates, and their athletic director, commented several times that it was actually the University of Michigan's national-champion softball team - in khaki shorts, polo shirts and sneakers - that was way underdressed.
Well, that's Michigan. Probably blue polo shirts.
Joe Guidry, a salesman at the upscale Stuart Weitzman store on Michigan Avenue, said he wouldn't advise women to wear the company's $150 flip-flops to the White House. "Meeting the president? I personally wouldn't wear them," he said.
$150 flip-flops??? $150??? I must not get out enough.

James at Arma Virumque weighs in.

Even with the collapse of civilized style, can't we still agree on six little words:

No shoes. No shirt. No service.

This admonition just happens to appear on the door of the old five-and-dime store on the island of our destination.

Yes, but let's keep our perspective here. Generally the kind of establishment that posts such advice offers little service to those wearing their shoes and shirt.

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