THE SUPERINTENDENT KNOWS JUICE JACKS. Hello, Voluntary Xchange readers. Let me impress you some more.

Eurostar commercial director Nick Mercer said three test trains sent through the Channel Tunnel on Sunday ran successfully, but that it became clear that the especially bad weather meant that snow was being sucked into the trains in a way that has never happened before.

"The engineers on board have recommended strongly that, in light of further snowfalls that are happening tonight, we make some modifications to the trains on snow shields to stop snow being ingested into the power car," he told the BBC.

George Gibbs, call your office. Do the filters use French linen?
The usually unstoppable GG1s were knocked from service when their electrical components were shorted out due to moisture. The story is told of a baffled technician, stepping away from the stream of cooling air, saw his outer jacket covered in ice. It developed that ice crystals formed adjacent to the tracks at the height of the cooling air intakes. The crystals were so fine that they went right through the air filters. Once they got into the warm electrical components, they melted, shorting out those components.
The Cold Spring Shops research office has that information. (Frederick Westing, GG1, Trains 24, 5, March 1964, 20-36 at 33-34.) The Pennsylvania Railroad ultimately changed the location of the filters on some motors, although they installed baffles as a temporary fix, and evaluated the performance of traction motor blowers.

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