Northern Illinois University welcomes the State's Attorney to the investigation of the coffee fund.
We welcome the continued involvement of DeKalb County States’ Attorney Clay Campbell in the ongoing investigation of the allegations regarding the existence of an NIU coffee fund account. Mr. Campbell’s office has been kept appraised of the investigation by NIU law enforcement, as his (Mr. Campbell’s) cooperation and assistance has been essential to proceed with the investigation. After all, the investigation itself was initiated by the university within less than two hours of receiving the allegations.

The integrity of this great university is not at issue. For over 110 years, thousands upon thousands of students’ lives have been transformed as a result of the educational opportunities they received at NIU. NIU will not cease investigating this allegation or any further allegations that may arise until a thorough and complete investigation is performed, no matter where it leads.

Right now, an investigation is underway by law enforcement into allegations of the existence of a coffee fund — these allegations are unproven and unsubstantiated until law enforcement concludes its investigation.

This university was built on values including integrity, fairness, due process and equality of opportunity. We remain patient and will continue to resist a “rush to judgment” until the investigation is complete.
Students are returning to campus, and it's likely there will be an episode of incivility in which the rush to judgement will precede the investigation. That's the job description for the Sensitivity Monitors.

The Daily Chronicle reports that a paper trail exists.
University officials responded to a Freedom of Information Act request from the Daily Chronicle on Thursday seeking any documents related to the coffee fund bank account. NIU spokeswoman Kathryn Buettner provided an interim report stating that “no university bank statements or accounts have been located with the name ‘coffee fund’ contained therein.”

Several canceled checks, one written as recently as June 30, have deposits made out to the coffee fund and were endorsed by a materials management employee “for deposit only.”
The paper does not stipulate that the payee or the endorsement account is referred to as coffee fund.

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