Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist Michael Hunt fears festering off-field problems at the University of Wisconsin.
As it has been reported, several UW players were involved in a fight the week before [running back Montee] Ball was attacked. Not only are those players at risk of criminal charges, their behavior may have caused one of the country's best players to become a target for retaliation.

That's not exactly what the defending Big Ten champion needs here at the start of camp. It brings into question such critical intangibles as locker-room chemistry and the overall attitude of the team. Are these the kind of guys you want representing Wisconsin?

Based on all my time around the program, Barry Alvarez didn't recruit problem kids. Neither has Bielema. There have been isolated bad acts and notable incidents, including the Brent Moss arrest and assorted bar fights and low crimes and misdemeanors over the years.

But that happens everywhere, and usually at a higher percentage rate within the general student body. That is no excuse whenever it happens at Wisconsin, but it has always seemed that the Badgers have had fewer off-the-field problems than your typical Enormous U. football program.
That's what people thought about Penn State for years.

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