I told you so.

Now the University of San Francisco (didn't they used to be a basketball school -- oh, wait, they got a participation trophy?) confirms it.

Retrieved from University of San Francisco.

The announcement includes a candidate for Understatement of the Week.  "We realize that the posters cannot truly encompass the full complexity of privilege."

Perhaps they'll reflect (and, this being the Jesuit institution in San Francisco, pray) on the subtleties therein.  They could start with a statement from Simmons.
Systems of oppression run through our language, shape the way we act and do things in our culture, and are built around what are understood to be “norms” in our societies. A norm signifies what is “normal,” acceptable, and desirable and is something that is valued and supported in a society. It is also given a position of dominance, privilege, and power over what is defined as non-dominant, abnormal, and therefore, invaluable or marginal.
That "are built around" is telling.  Language is emergent.  Culture is emergent.  Norms are emergent.  "Valued and supported" follows from evolutionary advantageDeconstruct at your peril.

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