National Review's David French nails a thesis to the common-room door.  Intersectionality, the Dangerous Faith.  "It turns out that America isn’t raising a new generation of unbelievers. Instead, rising in the heart of deep-blue America are the zealots of a new religious faith. They’re the intersectionals, they’re fully woke, and the heretics don’t stand a chance."  Look, if there's an information cascade developing around the notion of culture-studies as a false belief system, I'll ride along with!

Mr French continues,  "Just ask Christina Hoff Sommers. Yesterday she walked into the First Intersectional Church of the Lewis and Clark Law School and promptly experienced the congregation’s wrath."  Yes, it's either the congregation calling for the witch to be burned, or the laity conducting an exorcism.
What took center stage was not Sommers but students carrying flaccid cardboard signs accompanied by a woman with the words “Stay Woke” printed on the back of her jacket. She appeared to be the group’s leader since she was the one who read a series of statements, which then proceeded to be repeated by the rest of this group of “enlightened” social justice warriors. Maybe she and her “comrades,” as she called them, should have taken the words “Stay Woke” to heart because they looked rather lethargic and phlegmatic.
Bell, book, and candle. Candle, book, and bellForward and backward, to damn Sommers to hell!

At heart, though, the intersectional belief system commits the essential error of favoring hasty generalization.  Mr French continues, "Intersectionality privileges experiential authority, with each distinct identity group able to speak conclusively and decisively only about their own experience."  That is, though, only those speakers who speak the Received Wisdom.
The faith is fierce. Intolerance in the name of tolerance is the norm. Debate and dialogue are artifacts of scorned “respectability politics.” I’m reminded of the worst sorts of fundamentalist Christian sects, the kind that claim to take the Bible literally yet live as if mercy is alien to Scripture and that commands to “love your enemies” or “bless those who persecute you” somehow fell off the page. In the church of intersectionality, grace is nowhere to be found.
Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!

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