GOING FOR A SPEED RUN. The October issue of Railway hit my mailbox this afternoon with news that a Virgin Trains fundraiser using a Pendolino to attempt to run Glasgow - London Euston (401 miles) in less than four hours has sold out. (Railway has even less online content than Trains but the Cold Spring Shops research department was able to ferret out some online discussion of the project.)

The train will run this Friday 22 September and a progress report will be available this weekend.

That brings up a question: has there ever been a longer nonstop run than the Burlington's 1015 mile Chicago-Denver Zephyr test runs eastbound in 1934 and westbound in 1936? (Average speeds were around 77 mph for both runs if memory serves, with the westbound, using one of the Denver Zephyr sets actually a bit faster than the eastbound.)

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