TWO-FOUR-SIX-EIGHT! ORGANIZE AND SMASH THE STATE! Kathleen Parker attempts to make sense out of the senseless.
Contrary to what fanatics have insisted, the pope was as critical of the West as of Islam, if not more so. While Islam suffers from faith without reason, he said that Western culture suffers from reason without faith.

His point was that the two cultures cannot enter into a productive dialogue unless they both recognize that faith and reason are inextricably bound. Islam has to drop its sword and the West has to make room for the divine.

Pope Benedict's view is that by ignoring faith, the West--but especially Europe--is ill-equipped to engage a culture that is so firmly entrenched in faith.

"A reason which is deaf to the divine and which relegates religion into the realm of subcultures is incapable of entering into the dialogue of cultures," he said. Likewise, a faith-based culture that abhors reason cannot engage in civilized discourse or advance the goal of harmony.
Harmony, however, is not what the Islamofascists or their willing accomplices among the boutique multiculturalists seek. And it's not clear that the "West" is as attuned to reason as Ms Parker suggests. Consider Betsy's Page, where a recommendation of an Anchoress post suggests that the heirs to the Weather Underground have a blind spot when it comes to Islamofascist rage.
Why should they be interested in dialogue when they can be successful rioting?
Remember all those university administrators of the 1960s who praised the crazies among their charges for their "idealism?" By their fruits shall ye know them.

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