TO REMEMBER. Others have done a fine job of rounding up perspectives on the surprise attack and developments in the intervening years. See Joe Katzman's omnibus post at Winds of Change as well as his fears of what is to come. James Joyner has a roundup Outside the Beltway, and National Review has an instructive symposium.

Andrew Sullivan's No Surrender best sets the theme he chose, which was "We're still here, get used to it." But perhaps the best evidence that we are prevailing came on Labor Day. Australian naturalist Steve Irwin had a fatal encounter with a stingray. Labor Day is the traditional start of the campaign season, and the television talk shows will spare some time for stock-taking and ankle-biting. Not that Monday. Perhaps Mr Bin Laden is making the wrong kind of videos. A wrestling match with a Siberian tiger, now that I'd want to see.

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