ON THE ATCHISON TOPEKA AND SANTA FE.  The second main track through Abo Canyon has been cut in.
Abo was one of the last single-track bottlenecks on BNSF’s Chicago-Los Angeles “Transcon” main line. The railroad pushed work there off until the rest of the route got a second track due to the difficulty in engineering a second right-of-way roughly five miles long through the narrow canyon. Work began in October 2008.

“About 80 trains were traveling this portion of the track every day, and now we can handle about 130 trains per day,” said Sam Sexhus, BNSF’s vice president of engineering. “That’s a significant return on BNSF’s investment, and will provide more efficient transportation services for our customers.”
The railroad anticipates full use of the line effective July 1.  No Federal stimulus funds were appropriated for this project.  Your tax dollars go to repairing the damage the trucks cause to Interstate 40.  Fifty additional trains mean capacity for up to 5000 additional containers on the rails rather than on the roads.

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