RECOGNIZING EXCELLENCE.  Cold Spring Shops regulars know about the Economics Concepts Poster Contest.  With a little help from several Naperville teachers and Northern Illinois University Outreach, we were able to provide a recognition assembly for Poster Contest winners in Naperville.
Sharon Phares, a teacher at White Eagle Elementary School, said, “One of my past students said that their whole family changed the way they live because of opportunity cost. They changed their lifestyle because of their son. They recycle; they’ve reduced their electricity use.”
Economics: it's about making choices under constraints.
Kerry DiFusco, from Spring Brook Elementary School, added that her students enjoyed learning about the role they play in the global economy. “It gives us a chance to connect with global market places and the business community, and students can see how they are connected as the consumers.”

DiFusco added that this experience will help her students make responsible choices as they move toward financial independence. “They know what debit cards are,” DiFusco said, “and they know why they shouldn’t get credit cards when they become college students.”
The pushers of tee shirts (all you have to do is fill out this application) will not like that, but there it is.

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