PAGING JOHN T. MOLLOY.  Professor Newmark is no fan of tattoos.  The Sporting News notes that life doesn't necessarily imitate basketball.
Larry O’Brien might not find that as amusing as I do. Before he was NBA commissioner, he was U.S. Postmaster General and the head of the Democratic National Committee.
Didn't Watergate Liddy have a tattoo?
In other words, he was a classic starched-shirt executive. Those people run the world, and most aren’t quite as open-minded about tattoos as the average Starbucks customer.

A survey by Careerbuilders found that 42 percent of managers have a lower opinion of a person with visible body art. Three out of four said visible tattoos were unprofessional.
Perhaps that's not much of a problem for basketball stars (although I suspect a lot of players go from riches to rags fairly quickly once their playing days end), but it is more for the wannabes.

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