Megyn Kelly interviews new Member of Congress Martha McSally, an Arizona Republican with experience flying A-10s.

Apparently Our President and the rest of the self-despising multiculturalists are still pushing the idea that holding enemy combatants in a military prison is encouraging more jihadis.  As if making special efforts to be nice to people who despise you will make them less likely to despise you.
MCSALLY: Look, we are in a generational fight with radical Islamist extremists. And I can say that, I guess the president won't. But it's a generational fight. We have enemy combatants, and it seems like, again, even this week, you know, the king of Jordan was more emboldened and showed more resolve than our own commander in chief is in dealing with this very serious threat.

So the last thing we need to be doing is returning any of these to the battlefield. They are enemy combatants. So, let's focus on fighting the fight with a real strategy that addresses this threat that is more serious than I've seen in my whole lifetime. Not these campaign promises.
Well, the Sillies are closer to an existential threat to Jordan, particularly to the Hashemite dynasty, than our cookie-pushers perceive them to be to the United States.  The cookie-pushers might even be right: compare and contrast all the implications of Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia with Islamic State.

Toward the end of the interview, we have this.
MCSALLY: We've had a lack of a strategy and we need to use all elements of power to destroy this threat.

KELLY: May I just say on behalf of women everywhere, you really -- you sound like a bad ass. Can we say that on TV?
Empowering, indeed. And good for the morale.

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