University of Wisconsin political scientist Donald Downs explains why higher education might be its own worst enemy.
I have spoken with numerous conservative leaders and critics in Madison and around the country over the years (including trustees, regents, and politicians), and many feel deeply alienated from higher education because of the left-wing orientation and political correctness that reign in many domains—an alienation especially acute in polarized Wisconsin.

Regarding political correctness, higher education has met the enemy, and it is itself. At the same time, many conservative critics focus exclusively on bad apple examples, ignoring meaningful counter-examples that exist, sometimes even in abundance, including at Madison. In my experience, the vast majority of my colleagues excel at their jobs without letting politics influence their work one way or another. The fact that I, known as a conservative libertarian type, have thrived here supports this claim.
That noted, Professor Downs in no way endorses what Governor Walker has in mind for the University of Wisconsin system, asking readers to contemplate the high-end private universities raiding the star faculty.

Read and understand.

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