Rush Limbaugh, predictably, had some fun with the Meeting of the Electors, with Hillary Clinton suffering more defections than Donald Trump.

But in the course of his fun, opening Tuesday's show, he conflates a show with a Founding Document.
What is meant here by Hamilton's electors fail?  I'll explain this very, very enjoyably, my friends.  What is the hottest Broadway production at the moment?  "Hamilton."  As we have known, the cast of "Hamilton" doesn't even know who he is, other than the way he's portrayed in the lines they recite and the songs they sing in the musical.  They really don't know who he is.  If they actually knew who Alexander Hamilton was, they would realize that Donald Trump is not that far from Alexander Hamilton on something as key as illegal immigration.
Sorry, no.  The "Hamilton electors" reference is to Federalist 68.  The forlorn hope of the Stop Trump people was that contemporary electors would behave more like the philosopher-kings envisioned in that Paper.(Or not: check out the language on cabal, intrigue, and corruption.)  But since the Twelfth Amendment, the emergence of political parties, and the codification of Pledged Electors, there's not much opportunity for philosopher-kings any more, although attention hogs can still turn up.

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