Once again, the collegiate football cartel lacks for six-win teams (as in six-loss teams) to fill the Festive Season bowl schedule, and a few five-win teams (do the math) get in, provided their academic progress rate is good enough.  Sorry, Northern Illinois.  That makes for exciting matchups, and lots of eyeballs for sponsors.  Not.  "Six of this year’s 41 bowl games have failed to obtain similar title or presenting sponsorships, raising more questions about the market appeal of an 80-team postseason that already includes several games with sparse crowds and 20 bowl teams this year with 6-6 records or worse."  But the bowls that have sponsors might be telling.  Case in point: the bowl Mobile, Alabama used to host as part of the kickoff of Mardi Gras.

Northern Illinois University photograph, Day 4: Mardi Gras Parade and Fireworks album.

At the time, it was the Go Daddy Bowl.  There still is a bowl game in Mobile, and there's still a Mid-American Conference tie, with Ohio playing Troy State.  The sponsor?  Dollar General.

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