The Green Bay Packers somehow stay in the playoff conversation, most years, with stability in the executive suite.

The Chicago Bears, on the other hand, use the Celebrity Apprentice approach.

Lovie Smith: you're fired.

Marc Trestman: you're fired.

Is it already time for a boardroom clearing of Trumpian proportions, or, as I would have it, a purge of Stalinesque proportions, at Halas Hall?  Steve Rosenbloom of Chicago's Tribune speculates.
First, the head coach’s job status should be atop the hit parade after Fox failed to post a better record than Marc Trestman over two seasons.

Second, the head coach should have his intelligence questioned for wanting to bring back an entire coaching staff of a 3-9 team with an offense that can’t score 24 points unless it’s playing Prairie View A&M and a special teams unit that could apply for funds from FEMA.

Fangio’s defense is the unit that is working. The offense and special teams are the issues. And same goes for the head coach’s oft-inexplicable clock management. That covers a lot of coaches, and something has to change, but it’s not the coaching staff? Seriously? Does Bears ownership appreciate the way the head coach is playing the fans for stupid?
Do the fans realize they're being played by the ownership?

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