Relax, it's faster trains through Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, not Grant's army and Sheridan's cavalry.  And some wisdom on the part of Fredericksburghers.
Still, if it happens, the plan here calls for spending nearly $500 million for a third rail line, a new bridge over the Rappahannock River and improvements to the confusing station platform in the city, replacement of deteriorating rail bridges over four nearby streets, and more parking along the CSX-owned right of way.

The Fredericksburg station has a less-than-stellar reputation because Amtrak riders never know which set of tracks the train will arrive on and they often have to race underneath the platform and up the other side to climb aboard passenger cars.

Virginia Railway Express commuters could also benefit from an extended platform that would allow more riders to board longer trains.

The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation this month put its preliminary blessing on the additional tracks running through Fredericksburg, saying they fit into the city’s comprehensive plan.
One of the advantages of passenger trains is their ability to pick up and set down near the stores and offices.  And providing the capacity to handle trains in a predictable way, including calling at the inward or outward platform, makes the job of the dispatcher easier.

We'll see, though, if trains are part of the infrastructure plans Mr Trump keeps talking about.

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