I've previously taken stock of the Trump presidency in April, August, and December 2017; and again in January and February of this year. Tonight, I highlight a Pajamas Media essay by Charlie Martin, considering recent positive developments.
First, as I started seeing when I wrote "What is Trump's deal?", I don't think he has a lot of deep ideological views about politics or anything, other than some vague impulses toward mercantilism. (But even then, when he started with the tariffs, he also was pushing for completely free trade agreements; and it's not like the EU, China, Japan, and South Korea don't indulge in a little mercantilism of their own.) What he has in its place is a deep belief in, and need for, Closing The Deal, along with a sense that he should dance with the one whut brung him as long as it's at least convenient. So he talks about tariffs, and then relents when some other country offers him a deal that seems better than we had; making a deal with what he sees as some profit in it is better than holding out for perfection. But having promised to nominate SCOTUS judges from his list, and seeing no advantage to be gained by breaking that promise, he's sticking to that list.
Perhaps the tariffs are a signal of a willingness to play a grim equilibrium, this being easier from a position of a strong economy rather than in the depths of a depression, and perhaps Irwin M. Stelzer will be vindicated.

As far as the High Bench, the fact that so much of what obsesses the chattering classes is about either the presidency or one Justice of the United States suggests that too much of our lives is under the suzerainty of National Government.  There, though, a president not schooled in the fine arts of talking points and "at the end of the day" deflections might be a blessing.
Second, I think he understands mass media better than just about anyone in history: he understands their motivations, and he knows the buttons to push and the knobs to twist to get what he wants.

And third, I think he has a puckish, somewhat malicious, mischievous sense of humor, and he's not above trolling people for a laugh. Especially if it advances Closing The Deal. In this, he is marvelously assisted by the collective couch-fainting of the Left in particular and the Ivy-League Clerisy in general.
Hereafter, I intend to refer to the Ivy-League Clerisy by Ace's new description, the Incela Corridor MediaUndermine them with mockery!

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