But those intrepid fans who shiver in vast, empty stadiums on school nights in November might on occasion be able to celebrate wins over power conference teams.

The least they could do is share around a tot of hot rum whenever this flag is flying.
Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher said he has sent conference-themed pirate flags to each school to raise at stadiums after upsets of Power 5 opponents or any nonconference win worth celebrating.

“Our ships or our stadiums are not always the largest or shiniest, but we are manned by highly motivated crews, players and coaches who carry a chip on their shoulder, who demonstrate an anytime, anywhere attitude, and if respect is not freely given, we will earn it and we will take it,” Steinbrecher said at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions and the MAC Championship game..

In the past, he’s sent a mock-up “Jolly Roger” flag via email to MAC schools after big wins, sort of as a joke. Now he wants to make flag-raising a new tradition around the league.
On the other hand, when a Mid-American team hosts Navy, hoisting that flag could get interesting.

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