George Churchward's first effort at a two-cylinder express passenger locomotive, the Saints, all went for scrap shortly after Nationalisation.  The Saint concept, however, evolved into the Hall, a general-purpose mixed traffic 4-6-0 (never, over there, a Ten Wheeler) of which there are plenty, including one that got a promotion to a Castle, still roaming British metals.

We'd noted, earlier, efforts to reverse-engineer a Saint out of Hall components, and those efforts are taking form in steel with copper and brass trim.

Didcot Railway Centre.
Unattributed photograph retrieved from Railway.

The Didcot Railway Centre is well worth a visit, it's an easy train ride from London along the Great Western toward Oxford or Bristol.

I really should get back to work on my models of GWR 2929 (well-named just as it is) and GWR 1027, for which I have something devilish in store.  The full-sized Saint and County reconstructions are both well under way at Didcot.  Oh, and did I tell you that Cold Spring Shops headquarters is Northampton Grange?  Projects, projects.

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