Nick Gillespie, 3 Questions To Ask Yourself While Watching the Kavanaugh/Ford Hearings Today.
  1. Is there any evidence or testimony that would change your mind about Kavanaugh?
  2. Is there any way to depoliticize the selection of Supreme Court justices?
  3. Will things ever get back to "normal"?
He concludes with a call for people to put less reliance on government.
It's the tragicomedy of America that we get the government deserve. If there is any grand takeaway from not just the past few weeks but the past few years, it's that all of us, but especially the growing ranks of non-partisan independents need to insist on and demand better from the representatives of the dying major political parties, who have shown a willingness to lie to the American people about everything from state surveillance and war to policy implications to basic biographical details.
The worst get on top, and the more valuable the rents are, the nastier the fight among the worst to get on top becomes.

Conduct fewer advance auctions of less valuable stolen goods, and stop thinking of the Supreme Court as a sort of permanent legislature of philosopher kings.

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