A DISTRESSING WAY TO START THE WEEK. Kerry reports that The House will close at week's end.
I'm really at a loss here...what am I supposed to do for finals week!? Any DeKalbians out there who can suggest something besides Caribou or Holmes for a place to get some iced mocha?
The choices she lists leave much to be desired. Holmes is the student center. Imagine a Starbucks counter in the corner of a bus station. Lovely. Caribou is good, but located in a strip mall. Why does the prosperous commercial part of DeKalb have to look like Scumburg? There may still be a Coffee Gourmet in Sycamore, but one might as well plan a road trip to Geneva. Borders have a coffee shop, but again, it's in Scumburg. And none of these offer a view of the tracks.

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