BASKETBALL ELIGIBILITY SCANDALS. Routine in college, becoming depressingly common in high school, even in Wisconsin, where the stakes are relatively low.

The inability to adhere to a widely known policy is going to cost Racine Park's boys basketball team its undefeated season.

On Tuesday, the Racine Unified School District announced that it expects the Panthers, who are ranked No. 2 in the state in Division 1 by the Journal Sentinel and No. 1 by The Associated Press, to forfeit some of their victories following an internal investigation into the truancy of some team members.

How many games will be lost won't be known until Wednesday, following the verification of class attendance records of some team members.

The Journal-Sentinel ranks Milwaukee Hamilton first. But the commentary on Racine Park's problems brings up Hamilton's recruiting practices (particularly open enrollment, although there's a history in the Catholic schools of tuition waivers for promising basketballers) and suggesting that sports are taking priority over learning. Yes, but we own the podium.

Milwaukee Hamilton just clinched its first outright City title since 1972. (And yes, some commenters on that article bring up the recruiting issues.) The music for tonight at Cold Spring Shops will be the Hamilton fight song.

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