From my perspective, Chicago State University is an expense-preference playground for diversity hustlers.  In one post, I noted that the students were the primary victims of administrative follies. "As a special bonus, it ruins the lives of the most vulnerable students, claiming to offer second chances to all the underserved populations supposedly most in need of special care." I didn't know the half of it.
We experience racism at Chicago State as a thousand small slights, not mass shootings. Many things are inferior; these are racist conditions experienced by our students, mostly black: long lines for financial aid and at the bookstore, lost paperwork in the Cook building, chalkboards and whiteboards that have not been cleaned or maintained, broken concrete and stairs, bathrooms in need of repair. The need to focus on the racism of the oppression not the color of the oppressor applies to the struggle against the bookstore policy of excluding CSU students from the textbook aisles.
Excluding students from the textbook aisles?

I'd note that, Poinsettia Bowl and Heisman Trophy invitations or no, there's plenty of broken concrete, and restrooms that bring Penn Central passenger stations to mind, at Northern Illinois.

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