Badger fans won the battle of the Breathalyzer.
The highest recorded blood alcohol content level from a preliminary breath test occurred at Saturday’s game against Pennsylvania State University at 0.33. Six students were also transported to detox during the game, the highest of all home games this season.

[Protection and Security spokesman Marc] Lovicott said UWPD maintained similar alcohol policies as previous years but was concerned about the high blood alcohol levels they had seen.

Lovicott said UWPD generally sees higher intoxication levels during the first and last games of the season. At the beginning of the year, there are new students that are adjusting to the environment and may not know how much alcohol they can handle, Lovicott said.

At the end of the year, people party harder and “want to go out with a bang,” Lovicott said. There is also a new population as much of the audience consists of people visiting over Thanksgiving, Lovicott said.

The game against Indiana University had the lowest number of incidents with five citations, five arrests, eight ejections and one detox transportation. The highest BAC level recorded for the game was 0.29, which was the lowest in comparison to all other home games.
Pegging the meter appears to be a sport in Madison.

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