Green Bay Packer coach Mike McCarthy probably gives Chicago Bears and Old Style-swilling widebodies something to grouse about.
Mike McCarthy had jokes to defuse his statement, but he wasn't backing down from the promise he offered during the Green Bay Packers' annual Welcome Back Luncheon last week.

McCarthy told the audience his Packers would make them proud when they "kick Chicago's (butt)" during the team's opener Sunday. He smiled when asked about it Monday.

"I don't really talk to our football team the way I talk to the Chamber of Commerce," McCarthy said. "It was all in fun, but I think it's really just an example of why you shouldn't say things like that in public. The reality of it is, it is really the way the game is looked upon. It's a great rivalry. I'm sure a lot worse is said in private about the opposing teams and so forth, but it is with great respect.

"It's the oldest rivalry in the National Football League. In my opinion, I think it's the best rivalry game that I've played in. so playing down there opening day, it's going to be a lot of fun. It's a big challenge."
New Bear coach John Fox (I believe the fourth successor to George Halas in the Cold Spring Shops era) is treating the remarks straight up.
“I looked at the tape,” Fox said. “They should be confident.”

Despite Fox’s outward calm, expect McCarthy’s words to be posted around Bears headquarters this week.

The Packers visit Soldier Field at noon Sunday.
The heck with the presidential race. Are you ready for some football?

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