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Reason TV juxtaposes Mrs Clinton's prevarications with Mr Comey's findings, some of which specify in great detail the extent to which her carelessness created security breaches.

The opening segment of the July 5 Kelly File is on fire.  (Video embed may still not work.)

Ms Kelly's indictment.
KELLY: The FBI director went on to say that no reasonable person in Secretary Clinton's position could have believed that they were acting appropriately. Next, Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly assured the country that America's secrets were safe despite their presence on her home server.

Here's the money quote from Brit Hume.
BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Thanks, Megyn. Well, you did a very good job there of setting forth just how Comey's statement just blew up this tissue of lies that has been told by Secretary Clinton throughout this case, ending, of course, with his conclusion that while, as he put it at one point, ‘there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information’ -- then he goes on to say ‘our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.’ So, he didn't really find necessarily that she hadn't committed a crime.

He just said that he didn't think it was a crime that should be prosecuted, which is a different matter entirely and goes well beyond what one might have expected an FBI director to recommend to the department perhaps or to say publicly, which makes this whole procedure today more than a little unusual, Megyn, because if you think about it, if he didn't think it was worth prosecuting, all he had to do when you think about it is simply turn over his findings to the Department of Justice and leave it to the Department of Justice to make what he described as a prosecutive decision.
Here's a follow-up from Thursday, 7 July.  Careless might not be criminal.  But it ought be disqualifying for public office.
MARC THIESSEN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: No, absolutely. So the whole premise of her campaign is that she has the experience, judgment, and competence to defend our national security. And Director Comey just blew those claims out of the water today. I mean, you showed the clip of her saying, that I have the experience to make the tough decisions of statecraft. Tough decisions like what? Whether to put tough secret information on an unsecured, unclassified server, that's a tough call. I mean for the American people, it's not a tough call, but apparently for Hillary Clinton it is.
Is there any reason not to see a political class taking care of its own, to the detriment of the ordinary people?

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