For years, Democrats and their allies in entertainment have played by one set of rules, while Republicans have attempted to be mannerly.  That hasn't gone well for Republicans and their nominal allies, according to National Review's Andrew McCarthy.
Most Republican villains the Left selects (the Bushes, Mitt Romney . . .) respond by trying to prove they’re not really villains. This is a futile strategy. The demagogues making the accusation already know it’s not true. They do it because it always works. Or at least it used to. It’s different with the president, who is from the Leo Durocher School: “I come to play. I come to beat you. I come to kill you!” Trump vexes the Left because he revels in the mud wrestle. Sure, he craves admiration, but he wants to win more, and he doesn’t in the slightest mind winning ugly. In that the Left must see a lot of itself, but that doesn’t mean it has figured out an effective response.
You'd think that after sixty years, somebody on the libertarian-conservative spectrum would grasp the message of John Galt's "When some bum in some pesthole of Asia screams, 'How dare you be rich?" you apologize and promise to give it all away."  Which pretty well describes how mannerly Republicans have behaved.  No, it is not our intention to be (pick your favorite made up -ism or -phobia) and we regret giving that impression.

Rush Limbaugh has been exhorting his audience, recently, to tell the establishmentarian types and the loud voices on the left to pound sand.
We have a strategic decision to make.

Are we gonna double down against the left and really take them on and not take their guff, or are we gonna defer? Are we going to defer to their constant insults? Are we going to defer to their constant outrage? Because they’re always gonna be mad about something. They’re always gonna be calling us racists, sexists, bigots. They’re always going to be saying that we are mean-spirited extremists.

Now, we’ve got one or two things we can do. We can double down and tell them to take it where the sun doesn’t shine in our own way and beat them back, and literally beat them in election after election, or we can defer to them like the Never Trumpers want to do, and like a bunch of elected Republicans want.

We can defer to the media, we can defer to the outrage and sue for peace. “Please don’t think of us that way. We’re not mean. We’re not bigots. We’re not.” We got one of two ways here, and you can see the stark choice even now. We’ve got the ongoing battle, Never Trumpers in the so-called conservative movement who want to defer to the outrage. They don’t want anybody mad at them.

And they blame Trump for all of the outrage. They have forgotten that before they were mad at Trump, they were mad at George W. Bush. And before that, they were mad at Reagan. And throughout all of that, they’ve been mad at me. They’ve been mad at Fox News and talk radio. They are always gonna be mad. They cannot be deferred to. They cannot be mollified. They cannot be reasoned with. And the worst thing you can tried to do is sue for peace individually. You cannot, if you’re an elected Republican.

McCain tried it. Look what happened to him. McCain deferred to the outrage. McCain started sucking up to the media even before he ran for office. And it worked. He became, in his mind, the media was his base, until he got the nomination. And then they called him a racist because of Sarah Palin. They called him a racist because of some of the things his supporters were saying about Obama’s name.

This stuff never changes. If you want to know why I’m irritated by it is because it never changes and it’s not gonna change and deferring to it is not the solution. Deferring to it and accommodating it and asking them not to be mad at us, you’re wrong, trying to explain to them how they’re wrong and they’re misjudged, it’s a waste of time, because it’s not, this criticism at us, this anger at us is not rooted in any kind of substance.

It’s labeling. It’s strategic. It is part of destroying the conservative, slash, Republican brand. It’s not rooted in truth. We’re not really racists, sexists, or bigots. They just say so then they put everybody on our side that needs to defer to this on the defensive. And when you’re on the defense, you’re not advancing anything. You’re not advancing an agenda. You’re not advancing the ball. You’re not advancing your own beliefs. You’re not advancing yourself.
Until the Democrats and their accomplices in entertainment have to play by their own rules, they're going to continue to think they can get away with the hectoring, condescension, and deplorable-shaming.
The left needs to pay a price for this slander, for this character assassination, for this libel, for the outright lies about us and about our country and about our heritage.

At some point there has to be enough payback that the left becomes afraid to smear people. Right now they have no fear. They’re not afraid to smear us. They’re not afraid to slander us. They’re not afraid to libel us. In fact, they do it with glee. They look forward to doing it. If they have to lie, which, of course, they do, they can’t wait to do it. And then they love it when the attacked victim tries to be defensive about it. And we’ll ask the question for the next week, which got the original politician in trouble.
Donald Trump might be the least likely champion ever for libertarian or conservative political economy or cultural convention, and yet he's teaching people how to fight back.  Here's Michael Galien at Pajamas Media.
It's amazing, but we on the right have waited so incredibly long for someone with the guts to speak truth to power. For decades, whenever radical leftists opened the attack on conservatives, we took a step back, apologized, and politely asked whether we could move on. Please.

Not anymore. Not with Trump in the Oval Office. Conservatives finally have a leader who's willing to stand up to leftist bullies; who's willing to fight fire with fire. They call him a racist? Fine, he immediately returns the favor.
Perhaps it's catching.

IT'S SO ON.  "We’re seeing a whole lot more of THIS from people on the Right than the shaming and poo-poo’ing the media is highlighting."

Case in point:  presidential advisor Stephen Miller having none of Chris Wallace trying to singlehandedly win Establishment approval for Fox News Sunday.
“The core issue is that all the people in that audience and millions of patriotic Americans all across this country are tired of being beat up, condescended to, looked down upon, talked down to by members of Congress on the left,” Miller said.
Indeed, and that's probably more effective than saying "F*** off, you tiresome old hound dog" and walking off the set. You only get one chance for an exit like that.  Power Line's Steven Hayward notes, however, that the establishment types really don't like playing by their rules.  "Liberals can dish it out, but can’t take it when someone like Trump—or Newt Gingrich before him—talks back."  Punch back twice as hard is only permissible when some Chicago ward-heeler does so, right?

Victor Hanson summarizes.  "While one may always wish that the president and his critics tone down their venom and play by silk-stocking Republican Marquis of Queensberry rules, it is hard for half the country to feel much sympathy for the Left that sowed the wind and are reaping an ever growing whirlwind."

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