It's as true today as it was in the days of James J. Hill Himself.
Today, the GN’s legendary mountain goat herald has been replaced with the BNSF Railway swoosh, but there’s still plenty of the GN legacy to be found in Northwest Montana. The hotels and chalets the railroad built a century ago are still sheltering guests. The red touring buses that the GN’s park subsidiary purchased decades ago are still roaring up the Sun Road. And the GN’s premier train, the Empire Builder, still rolls along the park’s southern boundary every day.
Let it always be.

Incidentally, perhaps the reason Glacier's glaciers are receding has a local, not a global, cause. "On Sunday afternoon, park officials reported 'bumper to bumper traffic' along an 8-mile stretch of the road and people looking for a parking spot at the Continential Divide either had to give up or commit to driving around in circles until another car left. "

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