EPIMINIDES PARADOX? Is it ethical to correctly complete an online ethics course in less than ten minutes and then to admit ex post to wrongdoing?

I am not making this up.
In September 2006 mathematics professors Marvin Zeman and Walter Wallis reviewed the material from the State of Illinois Ethics Training Program, passed the 10-question quiz at its end, and received certificates from the Illinois Executive Inspector General stating they had successfully completed the training.

However, in November, they were notified by Inspector General James Wright that their certificates were invalid because the training program was completed in less than the minimum time. The minimum time was not specified.

Consequently, the pair was ordered to complete an additional training program for non-compliant employees and sign its accompanying certification form. Failing to comply could lead to discipline, including possible termination of state employment.

"I believe that taking the additional training and signing the certification would be an admission that I was non-compliant, though I was not," Zeman said. "It would be unethical for me to sign this document."
Via King at SCSU Scholars.

The logic involved might be more complicated.

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