MORE RECOMMENDED VIEWING. I have on more than one occasion reviewed and recommended books about the Battle of Leyte Gulf, in particular focusing on the efforts of a seriously overmatched escort carrier task force to drive off a Japanese battleship fleet. The History Channel's Dogfights has now re-created these efforts, using contemporary computer animation techniques.
In one of the most amazing yet lopsided naval battles in history, a mighty Japanese fleet led by the Yamato, the biggest battleship in the world, versus Taffy 3, a small U.S. task unit of tin can destroyers and baby flat-tops. The U.S. fleet is made up of ships too weak to fight and too slow to run. David battles Goliath in a fight for survival, with the lives of thousands of American soldiers in the balance. We will recreate this famous battle using state of the art computer graphics. Viewers will feel like they're in the battle, facing the enemy.
I've noticed that History Channel will re-run its productions from time to time. Watch for this one, titled Dogfights: Death of the Japanese Navy. (There are a few aviation simulations included.)

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