DEPENDABLY FUN. The economics job meetings were in San Francisco, a week after the circus Modern Language Association left town. King Banaian has observations on the style of the economists. I, too, was there, most of the time perched in a suite with a great view of the harbor and the financial district. (Could you do a Götterdämmerung with the hiring committee high in the hotel as the Norns?) Our interviews were also instructive and productive. We did have time to get some decent food. San Francisco is also a traction enthusiast's paradise, with the rapid transit now serving the airport, Market Street hosting two trackless trolley paths and the heritage trolley line, featuring PCC streamliners and Milan Peter Witt cars, which are single-ended precursors of the single-ended PCC, and the cable cars, which, late in the evening in mid-winter, are lightly travelled enough for passengers to be able to take the next car over the hill from Fisherman's Wharf to Market Street. (Muni's official heritage trolley page includes an anomaly: the roster lists some double-ended PCCs painted for Red Arrow and Illinois Terminal; unaccountably, one of the single-enders is painted for Pacific Electric, in reality an operator of double-enders.)

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