Last week, we noted the writing clinic University Diaries provided in connection with a Rolling Stone story about a gang-bang at the University of Virginia.

There's accumulating skepticism about that story.  University Diaries acknowledges the skepticism, quoting from one of the commentaries that notes, "If this turns out to be a hoax, it is going to turn the clock back on their thinking 30 years."  Perhaps, but if the creative writing draws attention to the damage the collegiate rabbit culture (facilitated by a toxic mix of beer-'n-circus, do-your-own-thing, and non-judgementalism when it comes to sexual license) has done to the lives of young men and young women alike, or if it proves to be opportunism by a conscience-cowgirl looking for a mix of upscale males in a jockish environment looking for candidates to pull a train so as to support her preconceived narrative about privilege and sexism, then we might make progress in changing the default cultural settings in higher education.

That is a desirable outcome.

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