We've been following the efforts of Marquette's John McAdams to protect the marketplace of ideas on his campus.  He's posted an update citing recent interactions with his dean.
We don’t know what consequences came of all this, with the exception of the fact that Arts & Sciences Dean Rick Holz wrote a letter of reprimand to Philosophy Department Chair Nancy Snow for her verbal assault on us in a university café (in the presence of a prospective job candidate).

Marquette has made no attempt to censor the Marquette Warrior, nor have we received any sort of reprimand.

It would be nice to believe that this is because Marquette values academic freedom. But the reality is probably less flattering to Marquette.
Perhaps, though, there's a teachable moment for a deanling.
On Wednesday, November 19, we got an e-mail from Kim Patterson in the office of Holz. It said Holz wanted to meet with us.

We e-mailed him and made it clear to him that we would not accept any sort of reprimand or attempt to censor our blog. He wrote back with a conciliatory message.
It gets procedural from there. But calling out a faculty member for using the university electronic mail in connection with weblog business? When the primary function of the weblog is matters Marquette? (Unlike Cold Spring Shops, which no longer has any connection other than professional interest with Northern Illinois University.)

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