Thus sayeth Rod Dreher.  Everything else is elaboration.

Last night, though, Megyn Kelly ended the show with a lighter segment, during which she suggested that the best remedy to the Oberlin insanity would be that Oberlin graduates be allowed only to work with other Oberlin graduates, or their fellow snowflakes from other academic hothouses.

The only problem, as Mr Dreher points out, is that when those snowflakes are in a position to issue regulations, normal Americans suffer.
Oberlin is not the only school like this. This sickness says something about the American ruling class. Only because he takes his cues from a culture like this could a President of the United States order every public school in the country to let boys who think they are girls use the locker room. The backlash in this country when it all starts to come apart is going to be a terrible thing to behold. If you’ve read your Dostoevsky, and if you know your early 20th century history, you know where this kind of thing went in Russia.
Things could go wrong in a different way here, as the vanguardists are beclowning themselves. A trashy, splintery, degeneracy-enabling common culture is a medium for more authoritarian attitudes.

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