Kurt Schlichter extends the argument.  Liberals' Kids Get the Golden Ticket While Yours Get Scraps.
The special snowflakes of the elite don’t join the military. That’s for lesser mortals. Let them dirty their hands protecting the ungrateful and smug mandarins of the coastal elites. No, the elite’s spawn’s glorious presence on our soil is service enough. Tens of thousands of regular Americans will earn their GI Bill carrying rifles in places that will not appear on any rich kid’s itinerary. In contrast, Malia will spend her “gap year” in a festival of self-actualization traveling the world unraveling the mystery that is Malia.
Or, as I put it, "Matriculants at the land grants, mid-majors, and regional comprehensives, however, are likely to have more experience of the world [after serving a hitch] than will those twentyish arrivals back in their usual bubble after their year slumming with the rest of us."  Mr Schlichter's summation: "The rest of us are permanently left on the outside of the velvet rope. And we are getting tired of it."  Indeed.

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