Season Four of Vikings just wrapped up with the Sons of Ragnar Lothbrok at war with each other and bent on different things.  But with The History Channel about to launch another speculative show, this time involving the Knights Templar, and with their continued attempt to outdo Geraldo Rivera's attempts to find Al Capone's treasure -- that, mercifully, over in two hours -- on Oak Island, here's how it might play out.
I needed a new Saxon character who might be able to stand up to the Vikings and I discovered these people called warrior bishops. They're real people and Heahmund was a real [person] and he was a precursor of the Knights of Templar.
Floki, in a quest for spiritual enlightenment, sails his new boat off to Nova Scotia, er, Vinland, where a Skraeling shaman enlightens him about the Great Spirit.  He later returns to Kattegat to take up his role as Seer.  (There was a later Floki involved in explorations of the Western Ocean.)
For him, his previous life is over. He's going to submit himself to the gods. He's going to get into a boat and he's going to sail away at the mercy of the tides and the mercy of the gods. He just feels he has to change his life completely. The end of the season is marked with huge change in Floki's life. But for all the fans, everyone who loves Floki as I do, don't worry. He's going to be around. He's going to do some pretty spectacular things in his new life.
Bjorn Ironside and Halfdan return to the Mediterranean in quest of a great golden bell (oh, wait, that's so 1964) and while Halfdan is carving his initials on a railing at Santa Sophia, they are told of great religious artifacts on the Anatolian coast.  These turn out to be the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant.
Bjorn comes back to lead the great army against the killers of his father, but as he said at the end of the season, he wants to go back to the Mediterranean. And he goes back to the Mediterranean and boy, does that pay off. We shot scenes in Morocco that you won't believe.
On their return, they are intercepted by galleys crewed by the Knights of Malta, or perhaps by pirates operating out of Penzance, and the treasures find their way to Winchester Cathedral, or perhaps to a Roman vault in Swindon.  Later, one of the warrior bishops of the Knights Templar, who has heard of these vast lands to the west, spirits the Grail and the Ark away to a hiding place off the coast of this new found land.

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