I BELIEVE THAT'S WHAT KINDERGARTEN IS FOR. University Diaries attends the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics conference, so you don't have to. Onetime Carter Administration courtier Hodding Carter gets off the silliest line so far.
We don't have enough dialogues...all universities should have mandatory life skills courses for all students, not just athletes... these guys need to learn what it means to be a man...
It strikes me that after 12 years give or take in elementary and secondary schools that on one hand might be more interested in feminizing the boys and on the other hand bend the rules to keep the boys with the best shot at leading the team to State eligible, the life skills the athletes are being reinforced in are called "sliding by and hoping for the fixer," talents easily imitated by others.

Professor Soltan also mentions the Bad Jocks site, another enterprise of radio's Karlson and McKenzie. The first mentioned host is not related, at least within four generations.

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