Nebraska last played in Madison in 1974.
Little Bucky, for so long the laughingstock of college football, shocked No. 4-ranked Nebraska and a disbelieving regional television audience with a come-from-behind, 21-20 victory.
Yes, I still remember some of this. Goal line stand in front of Section O, Nebraska kicks a field goal for a six point lead, on the next possession, a Nebraska defensive back tries for an interception and misses and Jeff Mack has a long run to the Fieldhouse end.
The Badgers went on to finish 7-4 that season. Some mediocre years followed in the '70s, and the late '80s were a dark time, but a program had turned a corner and then blossomed after Barry Alvarez's arrival in 1990.
That's an odd characterization of turning a corner.  Wisconsin lost Rose Bowls in 1961 and 1963 and finally won a Rose Bowl on the first day of 1994.

In those days, you'd often see spectators at the football games wearing buttons reading Hurry Up November.  That's when Phil Mendel would say "Good evening, hockey fans" and another weekend of sieve-chanting would get going.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Buckeye fan myself. But it is nice to have Nebraska in the Big Ten. It just feels... right. Now good luck tomorrow and beat them Huskers!

Stephen Karlson said...

Thanks for the support. Did Nebraska really expect to cakewalk into the Big Ten? And the effrontery of using the conference wordmark Big as part of their Big Red ... sorry, that's an old hockey tradition in Madison.

Looks like you get the late night next Saturday.