The Sports Economist contemplates Chicago Bear and former Northern Illinois receiver Sam Hurd's method of supplementing his income.
Hurd earned $1.5 million playing for the Cowboys in 2009, so even after including other costs in the net income calculation, it’s almost certain that his take from dealing was more, maybe far more, lucrative than what he earned on the field.
Standard economics stuff, to be sure, where the expected return compensates for the risk borne.

On the other hand, the current investigation revisits the receiver's previous brushes with the law.
A review of court documents and police reports from around DeKalb County shows former Northern Illinois University football player Sam Hurd once pleaded guilty to battery and was evicted from a DeKalb apartment during his time at the school.

Hurd, 26, was arrested on federal drug charges in December while a member of the Chicago Bears. According to a criminal complaint, Hurd told an undercover agent he wanted to purchase 5-10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week to sell in the Chicago area.

Hurd played for NIU’s football team from 2002-05. Court documents show a civil case filed in 2006 against Hurd and former roommates Shatone Powers and Jasper Turner, all of which were evicted for failure to pay rent; the judgment amount has yet to be paid.
Past performance is no indicator and all that, but perhaps the history matters.

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