The solution to any perceived pay gap between men and women is for the women to become ... more like the men?
Talented young women who aspire to be rich and powerful would be advised to major in economics or electrical engineering rather than psychology or social work. They should be prepared to work 60 hours a week at the office rather than combining shorter hours with home, family, and other pursuits they find fulfilling. Those who stick with this course will find that their W-2s are equal to those of their male counterparts.
Perhaps so, but to refresh readers' memories,
There's no intellectual basis for criticizing the individual who is willing to outwork others in order to secure income, or promotions.

On the other hand, there's no reason for a corporation to restrict its promotion opportunities to the most conspicuous time-servers, or to restrict its flexible job descriptions to mothers.
I offer a more provocative conjecture, in light of today's research seminar, an investigation of networking and C.E.O. compensation. That is, the current tournament model of business promotions screens for sociopaths.

That's probably over the top, but somewhere the opportunity cost of goofing off must collide with enhanced opportunities to goof off.

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