Econ Log reports encouraging news from Poynton, England, where a rebuilding of the town centre crossroads eliminated traffic signals in favour of a double rotary.  "Stopping traffic is an obvious planner's solution; trusting drivers to make the right decisions requires a belief in the wisdom of individual decisionmaking."  It helps, though,to keep the rotaries simple.  There's a compound rotary in Swindon that looks like a Spirograph set gone mad.  The temptation of the planners to impose order rather than allow it to emerge has gotten so far out of hand in Wisconsin that the state's Department of Transportation now provides an animated diagram illustrating the proper way for motorists, including truckers, and pedestrians, to use one.  I'm not sure whether the animated pedestrians are holding up an arm to alert drivers to their presence in the crosswalk, or heiling der Fuehrer.

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