The Cult of the Presidency is a metaphor more popular on the right than on the left, in part because Progressive Governance is Wise Expertise Shepherded by Presidential Power.  From time to time, there is skepticism from the left.  There's more evidence of smooth-tongued wizards withdrawing their support from Our President.  Start with a Mahablog rejoinder to David Brooks and the last of the National Greatness Conservatives, questioning the leader principle.  The most successful military commander of the 19th Century gets a humble statue.  Then read David Sirota, noting that Presidential Power is, adjective or not, Power.
Accept a president claiming unprecedented despotic authority in exchange for that president promising to comport himself as an enlightened despot — one who seeks to limit the scope of America's ongoing violence.

Many of the president's partisan supporters would never have agreed to such a bargain if the executive in question were a Republican. They would have expressed outrage at news that, according to the Times, the president was "count(ing) all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants" even when those males happen to be innocent civilians. But because it was a Democratic commander in chief, most liberals tacitly agreed to the deal, reassuring themselves that this was a president who would only use violence in the most narrow ways.
All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four.

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