All of this spring's rains have been good for the garden and the lawn, both of which were stressed most of last summer.  The timing of the overcast and the rain could have been better, though, as the triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter took place above the clouds all of last week.

Mont-St.-Michel, France, 26 May 2013.  Thierry Legault photograph.

Jenny Williams of Geek Dad had clear viewing conditions from Arizona.

I'm pleased to report that Mercury hung around high enough until Monday, the 3rd, in order to show up about 45 minutes after sunset, and a few degrees higher than Venus, which came out nice and clear immediately after sunset.  Jupiter had already set, though.

The grass and vegetables are doing just fine, though.


Dr. Tufte said...

No offense intended to those not fortunate enough to live in the high desert, but ... the posted and linked photos are a joke. Out here, to the naked eye, Mercury was brighter than Venus is shown in any of those photos.

I guess I should've taken a picture :(

P.S. Of course, the costs of living in a place like this is that you can't buy pizza and beer in the same place for 50 miles.

Stephen Karlson said...

I suspect even ultra-fast digital cameras don't work as well as good old ASA 400 color film, and a telescope with a clock drive. To get that stuff, though, involves the sacrifice of a lot of Palermo's pizza and Sprecher beer!

On the day I saw Mercury and Venus, Mercury was a fuzzy yellow dot.