Hartland Arrowhead High School, in the lake district of southeastern Wisconsin (west of Pewaukee, east of Oconomowoc) does not have a planetarium, or astronomy and organic chemistry for seniors, and its graduation requirements include two years of mathematics, all the way through advanced algebra.

But a donor pledged $275K to renovate the varsity locker rooms at the north campus (attended by juniors and seniors, and thus where the varsity plays.)  There were cost overruns.
In August 2014, the school board approved the renovation of the North Campus girls and boys basketball locker rooms after an initial $275,000 donation from a donor. The end result required more money from the donor, who ended up giving $361,224 to a project that cost a total of $662,602, according to Superintendent Craig Jefson.
Well, the school is located in the Lake District, probably home to the kind of affluent extroverts who make sure their youngsters get sailing and tennis lessons early on, and the school garnered recognition from Sports Illustrated as "best athletic high school in Wisconsin."  I heard this story on Milwaukee radio this morning, along with remarks about "Hartland, Texas" (the Packers, after all, practiced for the 2010-11 Super Bowl at Highland Park High School's indoor practice field) or "Homestead University."  Follow the money.
One Arrowhead parent told WISN 12 News reporter Terry Sater it’s over the top.

Sater spoke to a college scout at the Arrowhead-Kettle Moraine basketball game Thursday night, who told him it's a lot nicer than his college's locker room.

Some Kettle Moraine School District parents would talk about the locker rooms.

“It just seems like a lot of money for a high school locker room,” Phil Ekins said.

“We need to keep these kids focused on doing everything we possibly can to lift up everybody in the school district. And I'm sure that money could be spent helping other kids to advance their education,” George Fuller said.

Arrowhead's principal didn't return Sater’s calls, and the school board president referred him to the superintendent, who Sater was told is out of town until next week.

Sater talked with a female Arrowhead athlete who said they also got new locker room, but it isn't as nice as the boys'.
Right. This is the Lake District.  And if Wisconsin took a page from the Tennessee playbook and required high schools to reimburse colleges for doing remedial work, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Arrowhead Union District get a bill.

Wicked thought ... would that Tennessee proposal also apply for students admitted with athletic scholarships?

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