Idea Pod's Tina Fey, who I suspect is not the political hack masquerading as comedienne who shares her name, argues "Introverts don't hate people, they hate shallow socializing."  For instance, "The dilemma introverts face is we need people, but we need meaningful interaction more.  If you want to talk about the weather, your mother in-law, the price of rice or the best way to keep linen white, you have lost your introvert friend."  That used to be called making conversation.  Heck, every member of the British Royal Family gets coaching on making conversation, the better to be able to interact with any of Her Majesty's subjects.  Don't be stupid about being smart.  "Introverts will surprise you with animated expressions of very definite opinions on just about any topic.  That is because we spend a lot of our time reading and thinking.  Hence the boredom with small talk -- there is so much that could be discussed other than the latest family spat or Mary's latest boyfriend."  On the other hand, being animated and definite about something that the rest of the party hasn't given much thought to, or might have strongly held and different opinions, can ruin a party as quickly as the latest gossip.  Don't be stupid about being smart.

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