Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Maude Barlow.  Water Is a Right. So Why Are So Many without It?  Positive rights, which is to say any manufactured good or service, are only as good as your ability to produce them.  Thus:
All [countries] are now required [by treaty or by some United Nations magic] to come up with a plan of action on how they will deliver on their obligation to provide water and sanitation to their citizens, put the most vulnerable at the centre of water policy, and prevent third parties from contaminating local drinking water sources.
The simplest way forward is well-defined property rights and rules of contract.  That's not where we are yet.
The global water crisis is making the fight for water justice harder. Many governments, faced with seriously dwindling water supplies, are allocating water to industrial development over the needs of their people.
How much simpler it was when Erda the Green-Faced Torso, or the Great Spirit, provided the water.

Removing the pathogens from groundwater or from collected rainwater is industrial development.  Discuss.

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